GBDK Custom Fonts

Source code demonstrating the use of custom fonts--both 1bpp and 2bpp.

Download the example here.

If anyone knows how to truly stop GBDK from including the default/legacy font(s), please let me know. Freeing up that extra space from bank 0 would be nice.. the docs mention declaring UBYTE font_ibm_fixed[]; or _font_ibm_fixed::, but neither seems to work for me.
I also wonder if there's a way to locate the font at a different tile other than tile#1... could be handy sometimes.

Custom SGB Borders

Implementing custom SGB borders using GBDK.

Click here for more information.

DMG fade in/out

Here is some example code demonstrating DMG (monochrome) palette manipulation and fading in or out.

Please consider it just an example--it is not an ideal solution for all applications. It assumes that the palette is the default {0,1,2,3}, so if you use a different palette these routines will look awful ;)

Download the example here.

Displaying an image

Here is a very basic example with GBDK source code to display an image. The PNG image was converted to tile/map data with a nice little online tool.

Download the example here.